Old Crow Medicine Show to Tour this Summer

Folk band Old Crow Medicine Show will be touring this summer to support their new record “Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer”. The band has had a string of successes lately and have even performed at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Old Crow Medicine Show has always written lyrics about hard times, but the band’s lead singer, Ketch Secor, is actually from a privileged background and went to prep school in New England. Secor told “Rolling Stone Magazine” that he can still write about such subjects as unemployment in the coal industry since he’s traveled the American South extensively and gotten to know the kind of hard luck people he’s writing about. Basically, he’s done his research.

Personally, I love the music Old Crow Medicine Show makes. According to Susan McGalla in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, their sound is acoustic and uncompromising. It could have been made 50 years ago before country music was watered down with slick production and electric sounds. Actually, their music is more bluegrass or roots than country.

Old Crow Medicine Show’s first hit was the song “Wagon Wheel”. That was just an awesome song that just about everyone liked even if they weren’t especially into roots music. Their version was better than the Darius Rucker version that came later. I am glad that artists who are making music the way that they want to are able to make a decent living at it and have hits.

Nathan Williams Chooses To Create His Own Record Label

There are many artists out there who decide to start their own label, and there are many reasons why this happens. Some artists finally get out of the contract with the record label they signed with, and they choose to create their own label. Other artists may have problems with how their music is distributed or produced, and having their own record label would give them complete control. Nathan Williams Creates A Record Label. Some will start a record label just because it’s very profitable. It’s well known that starting your own business will ultimately make you more money than working for someone else.

Some may wonder why anyone would want to work for a record label when it’s more profitable to run your own, but the fact is, record labels cost a lot of money. Michael Jackson had the foresight to see that his music was going to be great, and he started his own label. Fans like Brian Torchin know that Michael made an incredible amount of money over his lifetime because he had his own label, he made his own music, and he distributed his own music.

Nathan Williams is someone who didn’t like the way the music business was going, and he decided to create his own music label. So far, Nathan has worked with artists such as Juicy J, Soulja Boy, Courtney Love and more. Courtney Love’s new song under Nathan’s label is called “Miss Narcissist,” and it’s one of the projects that she’s taken on this past year.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Hot Beach Body

Jennifer Lopez has recently made headlines on several media websites. She was featured at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, and she was dressed to impress. However, paparazzi photographers caught her paying attention to her phone more than the show. Nonetheless, Jennifer Lopez has since been forgiven for her lack of focus.

J.Lo was recently featured on the cover of a swimsuit magazine, and it is quite clear that Miss. Lopez is still an extremely attractive woman. In fact, the magazine rated Jennifer Lopez as having the best swimsuit body of the year. Many people cannot argue with that assessment, and J.Lo has somehow managed to keep her body fit and toned.

Many fans are confused with Jennifer Lopez’s recent swimsuit cover appearance. Just last month, Jennifer Lopez was seen on the red carpet of the season finale of ‘American Idol.’ Jennifer Lopez’s appearance looked rather worrisome. The aging diva’s face appeared to be old and wrinkly. However, the recent magazine cover makes it seem as if that moment never occurred. Some people are beginning to wonder about Jennifer Lopez and her makeup routine. On the website jornadacriminosa.com Gianfrancesco Genoso says that maybe Jennifer Lopez was having a bad day during the ‘American Idol’ red carpet event, or is there some sort of makeup conspiracy going on? For more information of the story, and to see Jennifer Lopez’s hot pics, visit E!

Jamie Foxx Does Great Celebrity Impersonations

Jamie Foxx has been around for decades, and he began by playing Shawanda on “In Living Color”. Shawanda was such a popular character on the show that he made many appearances, and there were even talked about a movie many years after the show ended. Jamie Foxx Impersonations. Jamie Foxx has gone on to great stardom, and he’s left his In Living Color days behind, but the fact is that this man is extremely talented. There’s almost nothing that Jamie Foxx can’t do because he sings, he plays instruments, he’s an amazing comedian, and he is a great actor.

Jamie is such a great actor that he received an Academy Award for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the movie “Ray.” There’s very little that Jamie Foxx can’t do, and the world recognizes him as an amazing talent. Jamie has done some impressions in fact, and you wouldn’t believe how dead on his impressions are. Jamie has done impressions of stars such as Tupac, Drake, Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Kanye West and more.

Fans like Alexei Beltyukov agree that the impressions that Jamie Foxx does are so dead on, that you would almost believe that you’re speaking with the actual stars he’s impersonating. It’s incredible that’s one person can have so many talents. Jamie Foxx showed up on the Steve Harvey show today, May 20, 2015, and he stole the show. Steve Harvey is a comedian, but Jamie Foxx gave him a run for his money.

How Are Taylor’s Karate Skills In Her New Video?

No one can stop talking about Taylor Swift’s new video “Bad Blood” because it’s absolutely awesome. Between the cameos, the fighting scenes, and the great karate moves, Taylor has hit the spot with this new video. Bad Blood. The question might be asked, just how good are the Karate skills that Taylor Swift has in the video? A karate expert was asked about Taylor Swift moves, just to see how genuine they were and if they looked good.

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, the Karate expert said that her moves were so so, and they were obviously not the best that he has seen. The fact is, creating a video is just like acting, and no one expects you to have everything on point, especially for a music video. Taylor still did a great job on the video, and the video is also packed filled with many different celebrities. Selena Gomez, who has long been a good friend of Taylor Swift, she showed up in the video for a cameo, along with many other celeb friends.

Taylor premiered the video at the Billboard Music Awards, and the video blew everyone away, and it’s had tongues wagging for days now. Taylor continues to prove why she’s the best, and its not just her music world that’s going great right now. Taylor has finally found a new love after going through one break up after another. Although some of Taylor’s friends disagree with her new boyfriend, Taylor seems happy.

Courtney Love Comes Out With New Song

Courtney Love used to be the lead singer for the group Hole, and she was also married to Kurt Cobain before he died. Courtney has been doing a lot lately, and she has now come out with a new song called “Ms. Narcissist.” Courtney Love. Many know of Courtney Love, and no one ever really had the best image of her. Courtney always had her hair looking a mess, and she always looked as if she was disheveled. Courtney is now turning over new leaves, ever since she was on the show “Empire.”

New York Times suggests that if anyone wrote off Courtney Love for her past bad behavior, everyone is now looking at her differently. Courtney made a few appearances in the hit show Empire, and it changed her life. Taraji P. Henson and Courtney love were seen in the parking lot of a building, and they hugged each other and Taraji asked if Courtney was coming back to the show. It was overheard that Courtney love’s character may come back to the show, but her appearance may be short-lived.

On the show Empire, Courtney Love performs music, and the music was added to the Empire soundtrack. The Empire soundtrack was a big hit, and those who fell in love with the show also got the soundtrack as well. Courtney’s new song is one to look forward to, especially since she’s turned her music into something that many people can love.

Kanye West’s 2015 Billboard Music Performance: Invisible + Inaudible

Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. That was basically most of what we all heard when Kanye West took the stage to close out the 2015 Billboard Music Awards last night in Las Vegas. It was an interesting final performance in a couple of ways. First, Kendall and Kylie Jenner got major boos from the large MGM audience as they introduced their famous brother-in-law, and after that, things got weird.

The audience at the performance as well as the television audience both could barely see or hear the amazing talent deliver “All Day” and “Black Skinhead.”


It’s called censorship, and ABC TV decided to lean that way. Because of all the bad language, the majority of what the hip hop artist was expressing was mostly inaudible, according to the WashingtonPost.com. Throw in a heavy screen of smoke, and that left Kim Kardashian’s husband nearly invisible to the eye.

We all miss seeing the most famous Kardashian strolling the red carpet, but apparently Kim was putting other priorities first. The team over at Handy heard that she wanted to be there for her famous, step-father Bruce Jenner as the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians Bruce Jenner special” was airing on E! Network alongside the Billboard Music Awards telecast.

Shouldn’t the two Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie have stayed home, too, especially since Bruce Jenner is their dad?

It’s not an easy piece of family drama to deal with.

The King of Soul Died in His Home-RIP BB King

BB King was a jazz legend. As much as he did for the music community, he almost didn’t get his chance at stardom. Fans like Keith Mann know that he was living on $60 a week working at a radio station. Even though back then that was good money, he still didn’t have enough to pay his band and live comfortably. He got his brake in a night club, but it didn’t come without criticism. His then manager told him not to go out there and act like Nat King Cole, but rather to be BB King. There was no one that could be BB King like himself. He said that this is often the mentality he used throughout his life when it came to his career.

He loved women of every shape, size and color. He had 15 children, all of which he had by 15 different women. He remained close to all of them up until his death this past week. He had been placed on hospice care and died at his home surrounded by love. He was a sensation and a part of iconic history. His smooth yet raspy voice and his lovable charm kept him famous for most of his life.

He will never be forgotten, most legends aren’t. He will forever be remembered every time a song of his plays on the radio, or someone even breaths the word jazz music. As a New Orleans native, he was born with soul.

Indie Rapper Tech N9ne Get Mainstream Play

Indie rap artist Tech N9ne, has somewhat cracked the mainstream market with his song Hood Go Crazy. MTV and hip hop radio have been giving the song rotation play. Since Tech N9ne started his indie label, Strange Music, in 1999, he has had more success than many artists who have taken the mainstream path. Marcio Alaor BMG reports on istoedinheiro.com that he has appeared several times on the Forbes list of successful rap artists, ahead of rap kings like Rick Ross and J. Cole, His current album, Special Effects, has entered the Billboard 200 at number four.
Tech N9ne says that since his mother passed, some how things has been falling in place for him career wise. He believes his mother might be his guardian angel. He has recently been getting interest from major labels, and collaborating with artists like Eminem and T.T. He has been booked for summer jam and rock fests, and has performed on Jimmy Kimmel.

Jennifer Lopez Announce Vegas Residency Early

It is almost a half year away, but Jennifer Lopez is already get fans hyped up. She has just announced that she was be taking residency in Las Vegas in January of 2016. This is huge. The star of movies and music will be performing, and fans are going to support in a major way. Her residency in Vegas will be a show that consists of hip hop, Latin and pop flavors.

Jennifer Lopez loves to dance. She is going to put on a show and give the fans what they want. Even at 45 (she will be 46 as she takes up residency in Vegas) Lopez is promising to have a great show that will incorporate her hits songs and the slick dance routines that fans know her for from her videos.

This comes at a good time for Lopez. She is a judge on American Idol right now. She was one of the judges that quit the show and came back. She got a huge paycheck both times that she became part of the team of judges. Cornelsen noted the show is ending this year though as ratings drop. That makes it a perfect time for J.Lo to concentrate on her music. She had a movie this year that did OK, but it wasn’t a blockbuster hit. Her album produced a couple of hits, but most fans want to see her perform old music.