High Hopes In White Shark Media New Marketing Technique For My Company

My company is an e-commerce business that specializes in handmade apparel and jewelry. We have had some great success in our local market because of the trade shows that we visit, and our shop is conveniently located that we are able to actually do a lot of business with the amount of walk-ins that appear on a daily basis. I am thankful that we picked a great location for our storefront. However, I really want to expand our company’s outreach, and I want to concentrate more on the e-commerce portion of our sales because that was our initial intent. We decided to start working with a brilliant Adwords management company that seems to have already helped other businesses find their niche in online sales.

Finding Our Niche In Online Sales

We found out about this company after doing some research on online marketing strategies. In fact, we have an employee who has the job of researching and developing marketing plans just to reach new customers. They found White Shark Media Complaints and brought the company to my attention. After careful consideration, we decided to go into business with this company. White Shark Media’s reviews and testimonials on their website were one of the main factors that helped sway my opinion on whether or not to work with them. We found this review on their website. This review is from an e-commerce company. In the review, the author notes how greatly their business has changed after working with White Shark Media. Apparently, they had been working with White Shark Media for only six months before they started noticing an increase in their sales. The author of this review claims that White Shark Media’s experts were able to help the company increase their sales by 30 percent.

My associates and myself are excited to see what White Shark Media will do for our sales in e-commerce. We do not have the knowledge, expertise or time to commit to learning about Adwords. The team member that I hired to work on marketing is busy with social media campaigns, so it is really nice to have a professional team like White Shark Media coming in to take a fresh look at our marketing strategies. White Shark Media employs over 180 specialized marketing experts. These people are well trained, and they are certified in Adword management.

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Venezuela Shipping in Crisis

As Venezuela continues to head towards the brink of an economic meltdown, it has also caused uncertainty in the international shipping markets. As reported in an article by Reuters, various government agencies in Venezuela have accumulated almost $1 billion in debt owed to shipping firms for their failure to return a slew of shipping containers timely. While the state agencies were not bothering to return the shipping containers, they were racking up a remarkable debt just by sitting in storage each day.
This situation could have even more damaging effects in the immediate future according to a statement by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. As Venezuela depends on imports for its essential food production, importing those products could become less reliable. For now, the shipping industry has responded to the uncertainty in Venezuela by accepting government bonds or raising its prices to compensate for the associated risks with shipping to Venezuela. However Velasquez Figueroa thinks that this agreement may not last forever. The entire economy of Venezuela is on the edge of disaster with mismanaged credit markets, exchange rates and a mounting national debt. If the country is not able to import the products that it is not prepared to make within its own borders, the entire population will suffer. President Maduro says he is working to correct the situation and blames the majority of the economic turmoil on his political adversaries, saying they will stop at nothing in their power to destroy him.

Venezuela Announces Blackouts For Energy Conservation

In an effort to save energy, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s government made an announcement Thursday alerting it’s people that electricity would be cut off for 4 hours a day for 40 days as reported by DateAs. The electricity rationing will begin April 25th in all 10 of Venezuela’s states, including the country’s capital.

The cuts became a necessary solution in order to reduce the country’s electricity consumption while the country waits for rain to power the El Guri turbines located in the giant hydroelectric dam. El Guri is responsible for providing the country with more than half the country, and without rain, cannot produce enough power.
The electricity rationing comes at a time where the government has tried numerous solutions to cut back on the amount of power the country is consuming. The president has even extended holidays for state employees and created 3 day weekends. Shopping centers will be closing early, and a time change is coming to the country soon. By moving the clocks ahead just half an hour, there will be more daylight available during the workday, allowing businesses to use less electricity.
The blackouts are just another hardship the country is going through says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Food shortages, an economy that is crumbling due to the low oil prices, and crime are taking a toll on Venezuela. Rolling blackouts have already been happening and have caused further damage to the already failing economy due to factories and offices remaining closed.
Citizens are scared, worried that food will go bad due to lack of power and refrigeration as well as a fear that they blackouts will last longer than the 4 hours they have been informed of.
The government blames the new electricity conservation measures on the current drought. In order for the El Guri turbines to work, water levels must be at 240 meters above sea level or more. Currently, water levels are at 242.7 meters above sea levels, dangerously close to being below the mark required to power the turbines.
Still Adrian Jose thinks citizens are unhappy and blame the government. They feel it is both a lack of maintenance as well as lack of government investment that has led to this point.
Information obtained from http://www.wsj.com/articles/venezuela-plans-electricity-outages-to-save-energy-1461276840

Students Strenghten Wikipedia From Sydney

There is smart, and then there is really smart. There is efficacious, and then there is wildly efficacious! Enough with the hyperbole, but it can hardly be helped after learning of how the University of Sydney is requiring their students to make a Wiki page to better the site, and in doing so, they are strengthening this resource that many academics consider to be less-than-scholarly. In fact, many professors will declare Wikipedia to not be a reliable source for research. It is, therefore, absolutely enthralling that professors are basically inadvertently strengthening Wikipedia by using their pages for exams for students. The student is responsible for making sure the information is correct, in effect becoming novice Wikipedia editors, the professor looks it over for accuracy, and then everyone in the world benefits! This is truly a very astute use of time and resources while also shaping young minds, and benefiting just about the entire world population in doing so. 

Another important point here is we are all starting to realize the internet is one humongous time-capsule, and everything we put out there will long outlive us. For this reason, students are making more efforts to make sure the information is correct, lest they both get a bad grade, and perhaps worse, be remembered, in perpetuity, as the person “who got it wrong.” Furthermore, what precipitated this development at the University of Sydney was the enormous amount of uncollected research papers and essays as the students were seemingly disinterested in seeing their professors feedback.

One professor has said they (the professors) did not want to keep making remarks, and trying to teach students who otherwise were just not interested. Part of it might be that students don’t take well to hand-written information anymore, and it also might be that they are only interested in receiving their grade. By learning how to create a Wikipedia page in such a way seems to have galvanized students who now see their work as being exposed to an audience of greater than one. In this there is a responsibility that exists, and there is also additional feedback they are receiving from Wikipedia editors for hire.

If you would like Wikipedia business page creation done for your  brand or business you should look into a reputable Wikipedia writing company such as Get Your Wiki. This service provides a monitoring service in addition to their page creation services and will help update a Wikipedia page any time there is inaccurate information represented or there is out of date information on the page. Hire a Wikipedia writer from the service Get Your Wiki to help you make Wikipedia edits to your current page or make a new page for you. 

It will likely take lifetimes to make Wikipedia a reliable resource for information, and perhaps it will remain a work-in-progress for many moons to come, but this is a step in the right direction. If more universities follow suit, perhaps Wikipedia will eventually have a better reputation for being a reliable source of information, and not just a place we all go to gather information, dubious as it might be. Hopefully more universities will follow suit.

Dick DeVos And His Wins At The Lauderdale Yacht Club

Today’s final two races completed the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup as well as the Melges 32 Blue Water, a three event hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club. As the winds approached 15 knots, my Volpe team of tactician Scott Nixon, Mark Mendelblatt, Sam Rogers, Peter Kinney, Drew Weirda, Erika Reineke, Mike Hiil and I posted two deuces to win. This was in both the series and the final event. I had such a great team on the boat that made me enjoy the sailing experience. We had a fantastic weekend and everything turned out well. There were great teams out there that we had to give credit to including Team Delta and Team Hydra. From the event, I feel fortunate and look forward to sail more this year in Newport. This is because Newport offers the best place to sail in the summer. One highlight of the event was Team Hydra’s performance. I am proud of the kids including their coach, Marty Kullman. The kids keep on getting better with time, a factor that even coach Kullman noted.

Additionally, they are the 2016 Corinthian champions of the Lauderdale Cup. Many teams are gearing up for the top events this year. These events include the Nationals on August 19-21 and the Worlds to be held between September 29 and October 2. With each team improving in terms of competitiveness, it is going to be a great event and I cannot wait for the event to commence. This information was originally reported on Yachts and Yachting.

In Dick’s business career, he has served in executive positions in leading firms such as Orlando Magic, the NBA franchise, Amway and the Windquest Group where DeVos serves as the current president. The will to succeed does not only apply in sport but every aspect of an individual’s life. He served Amway between 1993 and 2002. In those years, I was responsible for all aspects of the firm’s operations in fifty countries across six continents. In my final financial year of service, the company recorded sales of $4.5 billion. Before that, as the vice president, Dick DeVos played a pivotal role in facilitating Amway International to open new markets that resulted in increased sales that for the first time outperformed the domestic markets. This information was originally reported on Dick DeVos website.

Dick DeVos also serves as the president of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. They established the Grand Rapids area foundation in 1989. Since 1990, the foundation has given thousands of dollars to artistic, civic, educational, religious, community as well as free market economic organizations. Some of its guarantees include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, Calvin College, Davenport University and the American Education Reform Council. This information was published on Wikipedia as shown in the link below https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_DeVos

New New Brunswick Devco Questions Raised in Unpaid $20 Million CRDA loan

A total of $ 1 million payment which was owed to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has been missed by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The authority had borrowed approximately, $ 20 million which was meant to develop the Heldrich Hotel back in 2005. The improvement authority is confident that it will be able to repay the loan fully within the next few years.

New Brunswick Development Corporation or Devco, a nonprofit corporation which develops huge projects in the New Brunswick Count was responsible for spearheading the project. The corporation is currently a model for the Atlantic City Development Corp. Lawyer Christopher Paladino heads the two corporations. The lawyer is popularly known for arranging for loaning of the Heldrich Hotel back in 2005 on northjersey.com.

The Heldrich Hotel was opened back in 2007 and had a room capacity of 235. Despite the hotels’ low start, it quickly picked up and more hotel and room bookings were recorded. 63.6 % occupancy rate was registered in 2015. Ever since the hotel was opened, Devco on pressofatlanticcity has always been engaged in the Heldrich project with the main aim of converting the hotel into a financial success in the new future.

The bond holders worth $30 million have already been paid up to
date. The next phase of payment is currently underway.

Currently, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority is busy preparing a sum of $120 million bonds issue that will be tasked with financing the satellite campus and Gateway project for the Stockton University. The article was first written on Press of Atlantic City.

About Devco
DEVCO construction Ltd was started back in 1968. It was owned and operated only by the family. During the first 20 years, Devco concentrated on the residential market. The company developed to become one of the leading home building firms in the region. Devco continues coming up with homes in the local area.

Devco achieves its mission through construction of mixed used projects which aims at critical mass. Devco has also managed to achieve an extraordinary success in setting up a tempo and reclaiming the urban lifestyle quality.

Market Guidance

Learning more about investments is likely the best thing anyone can do for themselves. That being said, we all have professions that take up the bulk of our time. Gathering an understanding of investing is important, yet it is not the entire picture. There are people out there who navigate the markets, and advise on investing, as a profession, immersing themselves in markets on a daily basis.

According to PR Newswire, finding someone to speak with about the various investment vehicles in existence today can easily result in recognizing increased profits. More importantly, you will have a rapport with a person who can keep you apprised of new developments in the markets, investment options and also help you with the very crucial timing.

Individual investors invariably fall in love with a stock, and when it performs well, they laud themselves for making a good choice. Unfortunately there are equally as many days of reckoning, and if one is not a disciplined investor, able to quickly understand why there has been a sell-off, and if it is indicative of fundamental balance-sheet issues, or just a temporary reversal, you have to decide to sell or not. Having the help of a professional will help you navigate the markets effectively.

There is a firm in the United Kingdom, Laidlaw and Company, who has an international presence as well, with locations in Stamford, Connecticut, Boston, New York and various other cities in the United States. In business for over 170 years, Laidkaw & Company is a venerated institution for those seeking investment advice. There is virtually no way a firm survives over a century if they are not functionally sound. Nearly 2 centuries in business says most anyone looking for investment advice can count on this firm to deliver.

Offering a full-line of investment options, from investment banking, to trading and institutional services, they have a wide range of clients. Laidlaw & Company also have an in-house research team, which is always the hallmark of any serious brokerage firm. Whether you are a small business looking to increase your capital, or an individual investor looking for advice on investing in healthcare companies,SEC registered Laidlaw and Company can help you.


Clinton Presidential Campaign Backed By George Soros


The 2016 Presidential campaign in the U.S. looks set to become a battle between the wealthy doors of both parties, with Republican’s already looking towards a $1 billion bounty for their candidate’s campaign. Politico reports the Democrat’s are assembling their own group of wealthy donors to provide support for their candidate, which looks increasingly likely to be former First Lady Hilary Clinton. The Clinton campaign recently received a major donation in the form of a $6 million check for a Super PAC formed to push the former Secretary of State towards the White House from hedge fund icon George Soors.

George Soros has been a major supporter of Democrat’s over the years, but took a step back from donating to Presidential campaigns after feeling he made a mistake in backing Barrack Obama over Clinton in 2008. The legendary hedge fund manager is certainly in a position to provider large amounts of funding for the campaign of Clinton after building a fortune of more than $24 billion during his time managing his own hedge fund.

In recent years, George Soros has been seeking to push forward the issues being faced by refugees across Europe after comparing their own problems to those he faced as a young person. Hungarian born George Soros was caught up in the Nazi occupation of his home country in 1944 and survived the Holocaust before his release; Soros looked to embark on his financial career after he undertook a journey as a refugee across East Germany and to London to complete his financial education.

The need to bring the principles of democracy to the world has led Soros to develop his links with the Democratic party that saw him provide major funding for the 2004 Presidential campaign. In 2012, George Soros scaled back his political giving to just $1 million for the campaign of President Obama, but has so far provided around $8 million for Super PAC’s supporting the Clinton campaign. The $6 million donation to the Priorities USA Super PAC joins those provided by a number of other donors worried by the growing war chest assembled by Republican donors.

Founder of Autism Rocks Sanjay Shah Rocks Business Investing

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of the financial investing firm Solo Capital Markets in London England. It is the trading name of Outperform Capital Ltd, a private limited company in Wales and England. They also have an office in Dubai.

Shah started out with the goal of becoming a doctor, but switched to accounting, eventually working for investment banks. However, in 2009, in the wake of the subprime mortgage meltdown, his employer declared him officially redundant. Realizing lots of other ex-financial services employees were also on the street applying for jobs with an industry devastated by the financial recession, he decided to employ himself. He told Global Citizen he hated the 10 routine hours daily at a job in an office anyway, and commuting. He hired a few traders and new college graduates, and founded Solo Capital in September 2011.

The firm also uses the terms Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. They engage in trading with proprietary techniques and signals and perform financial consulting services. They also invest in professional sports. As of March 2015, Solo Capital had net equity of over 15 million pounds.

Solo Group Holdings owns and controls Solo Capital Partners. Shah owns over 36 other companies in London, the Cayman Islands, Malta, Dubai, the British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg. In 2014 Solo Capital bought out an institutional stock broker that specialised in natural resource investing, Old Park Lane Capital.

As of the first of January 2016, Shah’s net worth is $280 million and says he has retired, though business continues. Shah resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He devotes a lot of his time to the charity he founded to heighten awareness of autism and raise funds for more scientific research into the disease. That charity is Autism Rocks, and it began several years ago when the rapper Snoop Dogg visited he and his family at their mansion in Dubai. Snoop Dogg spent an entire afternoon with them, and that reminded Shah of how much he enjoyed music. Previously, Shah’s younger son Nikhil had been diagnosed with the disorder. After spending time with Snoop Dogg, Shah decided to hold charity concerts. Snoop Dogg, Drake, Prince, Michael Duble and Lenny Kravitz have all donated performances to help. He now also serves as a trustee director for Autism Research Trust. The trust funds scientific research at the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.

In the music field, he’s partnered with Done Events in Dubai to put on Blended, an annual festival of music. The first festival was held in the Dubai Music City Ampitheatre in 2014. It was UAE’s first musical event presenting many different genres, including blues, jazz, folk and soul. Stars performing at the event included Xavier Rudd, Joss Stone, Aleo Blacc and Elvis Costello.

You can follow them on Twitter.

Choose Dog Food Wisely, Moist or Dry.


There is no doubt that cooking dog food from scratch is one of the very best things that a person can do for his or her beloved pet. However, a person may not have time to do this on a regular basis, thus will stop doing it or run out of food for the dog, thus making it wait for its next meal. This is also why a busy person will often not even consider making dog food from scratch, or from human-grade ingredients. In short, preparing dog food by hand is time consuming and can be hard if a person lacks the proper tools for the job. This is why great food like the ones created by Freshpet are starting to hit the markets and make life easier for health conscientious dog owners.

Freshpet is manufactured and packaged out of enormous facilities that use state of the art equipment and the freshest ingredients possible. One of the main places that produces this food is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A little known fact to many is that Freshpet has become one of the main innovators in the fresh food art of the current 23.7 billion dollar pet food industry. Not only does it mean it is popular, it also means that it is managing to keep up in this diverse industry with no problem.

Another popular brand is Beneful. This is a well-known company by Purinastore that creates food, snacks and many other items for dogs. Not only does it provide moist food, Beneful provides dry food for pets. It also creates toys and other items that pets love.

A person who loves Beneful, but has not tried Freshpet will usually be surprised! A person can feed a dog both of these brands, but eventually choose one or the other. The important thing is that the dog in question will have a healthy style of food no matter what.

According to The Daily Herald, manufacturing chief of the Pennsylvania factory, Michael Hieger, says that the Freshpet selection of food “tastes just like Thanksgiving”. The price might be a bit high as of now for Freshpet, but it is definitely one of the most nutritious options for a dog.