Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital Launches Autism Rocks

When one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers met Snoop Dogg in his home in Dubai, it was quite unplanned and a serendipitous. Sanjay Shah heard through the grapevine that the multi-platinum and award winning recording artist was visiting Dubai. He very much wanted to meet Snoop and extended an official invitation to entertain him and all the members of his entourage in Mr. Shah’s fine home in the “Palm” area of Dubai.

Sanjay Shah and his whole family were quite excited about the visit. Mr. Shah said of the visit with Snoop Dogg, “What’s it like having a man who’s sold 30 million records sitting in your garden? Bizarre. But thrilling! I put some pictures on Facebook and no one believed it was him. Everyone thought I’d hired a lookalike… He was lovely. He was talking to the kids, asking about Dubai, telling us about his family. It was fun.”When Snoop learned that Sanjay has a son who is autistic, and also that Sanjay was interested in finding the best way to support autism research, he immediately suggested a solution. He pointed out that Sanjay could get back into the music business, this time as a producer of private concerts in Dubai and the UK and contribute all the profits to autism research. And thus Sanjay took Snoop’s advice and created new concert venues to host his private concerts to support his new charity, Autism Rocks.

So far Autism Rocks concerts featuring great recording stars, such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, and others have brought in $15 million in profits. All that money went to Autism Research Trust (ART), a Cambridge University research program that is searching for causes and treatment methods for those afflicted with autism.

Besides starting Solo Capital, Vistex, Inc. is the company Sanjay Shah founded and at which he is currently the Chief Architect and CEO. The company has grown to lead in the areas of marketing solutions, services, and incentive management. Technology implemented in software Cloud computing has led to solutions for their clients to control operating costs, improve profit margins, and develop better marketing strategies.

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Remembering The Legacy Of Micheal Jackson Through The Amazing Talents Of Sergio Cortes

Ever since he was a little boy Sergio Cortes new exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up – a Micheal Jackson impersonator. What Cortes did not know was that he would grow up to be considered the greatest impersonator of all time.

As a youth, everyone around Cortes immediately recognized his striking resemblance to the King of Pop. If that was not peculiar enough, it was also astonishing for his family and friends to realize that Cortes had a beautiful singing voice and amazing dance moves. During his adolescent and teenage years, Cortes was a local celebrity, and he was constantly the center of attention in his native country of Spain. As a child and teenager, Cortes was frequently paid to dress in Micheal Jackson attire and to perform shows for his family, friends and the general public. As his popularity and talents grew, Cortes’ determination to become a full-time Micheal Jackson impersonator also grew.

At the current age of 43, Cortes has had a full and successful career as a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator. He has accumulated a mass following of fans from around the world. His followers are young and old and they appreciate Cortes for his many talents beyond being a Micheal Jackson impersonator, such as his gifts for singing, dancing, composing and acting. His talents have taken him across the globe to perform in front of audiences that enjoy watching Jackson’s look-alike moonwalk and spin across the stage to their favorite Micheal Jackson songs.

Getting a glimpse of Cortes makes it very apparent why people are star struck when they see him. Every aspect of his outer appearance favors Jackson in an amazing way. Cortes and Jackson share the same facial features, hair, body type and even his speech patterns and natural mannerisms are just like Jackson’s. There is a light that emanates from Cortes that is very familiar with Micheal Jackson fans, for Cortes and Jackson both share a spirit of humility that radiates across a room.

Ever since Micheal Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, the world has missed him tremendously. Cortes has been credited with helping others cope with Jackson’s loss, and based upon his statements on, performing helps Cortes grieve the loss of Jackson, also. There is no denying that Micheal Jackson was the greatest pop star of all time. Fortunately, in his absence, the world has the ability to honor Jackson through the greatest professional impersonator of all time, Sergio Cortes.

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Beneful Chopped Blends Premium Dog Food Rules!

The way I see it, there is only one way to guarantee that your dog will have a long, healthy life. Apart from getting regular exercise and attention, of course, the best thing you can do for your dog is give him or her a dog food that is packed with natural, real ingredients. I buy a food from Beneful by Purina that my dog loves. It must taste great because she eats it, and she doesn’t like many other dog foods. She’s a rather picky animal when it comes to the taste of her food, but she’s never rejected Beneful. In fact, she starts barking and wagging her tail at me when I go to the cabinet in the kitchen that I keep the dog food.

Give Your Dog Love By Buying Premium Dog Foods

Premium dog foods on are always going to be better for your dog’s health because the manufacturers have given a lot of thought and attention to every ingredient they put into the mixture. According to an article on the Daily Herald, premium dog food companies have a good reputation of paying for the high quality ingredients, which is why they pay more for the ingredients that they put into their foods.

I can’t get enough of Beneful Chopped Blends, and my dog feels the same way. It’s just something about it that makes me feel proud to provide a well balanced and nutritious diet for my little puppy dog. She gets excited over eating, which is something she was never good about when I was feeding her cheaper foods. I don’t blame her about being excited over Beneful. When I look at the Chopped Blends mixture I see a mixture of real foods that look edible to dogs and may as well be people foods. I like to think that I’m doing a service for my dog by providing the premium Beneful on dog food that I choose at the pet store.

If you haven’t seen the article that I was referring to, then you can go visit it now by clicking this link.

US Money Reserve President Discusses Why the Penny Should be Removed from Circulation

A recent episode of Squawk Box on CNBC featured an interview with Philip Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve. The discussion held with him centered around the penny, and why Diehl thinks it is no longer relevant. The brief segment highlighted reasons for ending its production, along with why dissenting voices claim it should stay.

Due to the high price of manufacturing the one cent coin, Diehl says the Reserve in tandem with the federal government takes a loss of about $105 million a year producing pennies. Removing the penny from circulation would not only be a worthwhile cost cutting measure, according to Diel, but also not a loss to the average American. In comparison to the United States when the penny was first minted in 1793 the rate of inflation has made the penny useless in his eyes, as once cent will not get you far like it would then or even a 100 years ago.

The penny’s insignificance today was also measured by the percentage of transactions done with cash, which is only 25 percent,as more purchases are being done with credit and debit cards, along with other electronic means. The argument against ending the penny’s circulation cites that there will be a negative impact on inflation. Due to many goods and services priced with a value ending “.99″ some naysayers think that corporations would then raise prices in response. Diehl states that prices could just as likely be lowered in order to please consumer demands.


Investment banking according to wikipedia is known to have a big impact on the business and financial world, but it also has an effect on the whole society outside the financial world. Apart from offering funds, giving advice, investment management, trading commercial goods and researching to big companies, sovereigns, high net worth individuals and corporates they also impact the society. It is done through various ways. The investment banks are owned by anyone who buys shares from the public. It is in the case of public investment banks as well as other investors who hold the many stocks. The focus being the public they are given a chance to participate in the investment bank through the shares. They can receive dividends per year, therefore, allowing them to take part in the activities of the bank. Therefore, investment banks are not just for the wealthy individual but as well as for the interested in the stock market. Big Investment companies such as Barclays Capital, Citi, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley provide information to the public through published journals and submitting articles to various business magazines. As the public accesses the reading materials, they can get ideas on how to, for example, handle their finances, risk management, and profits increase management. They can improve their businesses through the advice they read. They also can get ideas on how to invest their profits and funds. In other cases such as Ken Griffin case, the CEO of Citadel Investment banking company, he offers advice and holds seminars to educate the young scholars in school. He can give his story of how he started and sought to inspire the youth seeing as he started in his prime. Kenneth also offers scholarships to different students especially those in the economics school. To him, investment banking was his passion and wants to help others who have the same interest in that sector too. Ken Griffin of Wall Street has given back to the society by also donating to other institutions such as the children’s memorial homes and the library in Chicago. Through all his different way of giving back, he has helped young people and also help many people appreciate the financial world. Investment banking firms help stabilize the economy by enabling the flow of money. It, in turn, impacts the society by making sure the taxes are not raised therefore making it easy for the people regarding standards of living. Investment banking has been of very helpful in improving the society as a whole in very many ways and, in turn, helped improve the economy. In countries such as the USA, there have been so many investment banking companies that have helped in the improving people’s ways of life. Therefore, the society should be able to appreciate the impact of the financial investment banking firms. Through the shares, the various journals, and donations by various people such as Kenneth Griffins the society has gained a lot of interest. Again investment banking firms have shown to be of positive impact on the world.

Skout Is Allowing Many People To Communicate With Each Other

Skout is such a popular dating network and application that when many people are asked about which network they use for dating, Skout is one of the first networks that come to mind. Skout is also a place where people can socialize with one another, but many people prefer to use the Skout network for dating purposes. Skout has many different services that help its general community to communicate with one another, advertise to one another, date one another, and share information with one another. The Skout network is free to join, and this means that many more people are joining the network every day.

Some networks that are for dating or even socializing may want to charge some kind of fee to its members for joining, and it’s never a good idea to charge members to join a network that is optional. If it costs money to join any kind of social media network, then the user is likely to go somewhere else that is free of charge. Although Skout is free to join, there are charges that can be levied on the Skout network. There are premium services on Skout that have a charge behind them, such as greetings, Skout Travel, checking a favorites list and more.

The charges that are on the Skout network are completely optional, and the way to pay for the charges is by using Skout points. Skout has its own currency, and Skout points are what’s used to pay for premium services that cost money. A person only needs to go to the Skout network with their credit or debit card and purchase points, and the points will stay in the person’s account until they are ready to spend it. It’s up to the person purchasing the points to decide how much to buy and how much to spend.

Those who want to be extra friendly to someone that they meet may want to send them a greeting. A greeting will cost a few Skout points. Although it may cost a few points to send someone a greeting, that same greeting can end up with the person liking the other person who sent them the greeting, and a friendship or relationship may start from there. Many people on the Skout network can talk with one another as well, and those who choose to can send pictures to others on Skout.

Putting a picture in one’s profile on the Skout network is completely optional, and those who don’t want others to see who they are or what they look like are free to leave their profile without a picture. Skout is a place that is also safe, but if a person is having a problem with another Skout user, then they can easily block the other person from contacting them. Skout has administrators as well, so any problems that are had on the Skout network can be turned over to the management of the network. Skout is truly a fun and safe place to date and socialize.

The man behind the face of Bruce Levenson

Many of use the fast pace information as a key tool to get what we need fast.To think that at one time none of what we have today even existed.It is more then scary to think that not to long ago you had to wait for every little thing when it came to getting information. Well fortunately those days are forever gone and today we are going to talk about a man who made this dark period of inferior service nothing more then a thing of the past.

The answer to this problem was not born in some lab under the cities in a bunker but more in a Jewish family where Bruce Levenson would see first hand the positive results when you mix hard work and passion into one motion. He’s name is no other than Bruce Levenson. Sure in the start of things he is nothing more then a kid with a family that owns a small liquor store but over time even to this day he is still a power player in the world of business.

Steps To Victory
After completing high school, Bruce Levenson would take his desire to college where there he would begin to make the first major step by along with his room mate formed United Communications Group.This new service would handle all the micro paper work of any company using the modern tech later known as the web to make once long term simple projects in to simple time simple projects that they are today.After its birth in 1977 the service would begin to make the future bright by 1978 and with these outstanding results Bruce Levenson would have a name for himself.

Personal Time
During his years hitting the books Bruce would run in to a woman named Karen. Sure she may of not been the business type on like Bruce but if there was one thing that they had in common was the desire to help their communities with any problem they may have no matter what.Since the early eighties after being married they would begin and still do today help their people with education and health by spending their time an money to provide for those that can not for themselves.

He would spend over two decades working around the clock in the world of the modern service for the info but what does he do when it comes to other forms of business?Well in 2004 Bruce would make a kid dream come true by buying both the Atlanta city professional basketball and hockey teams.With the thrashers and the sea hawks under his control he began to improve the teams from the ground up almost over night.But as with everything all must must come to an end and with the year of 2010 in sight Bruce began the prep work to sell the thrashers an soon afterwards the sea hawks.

From geek to husband to sport owner this man has more hen made his 40 years of hard work pay off right?

Purina’s Beneful has a New Advertising Campaign

The ‘I stand behind Beneful’ advertising campaign has just been released by Purina on behalf of their highly successful Beneful line of pet foods. The campaign originally started from within the company, in reaction to a class action lawsuit filed against Beneful, who have never had a product recall. The employees of Beneful say that after working at Beneful, they know that this product is of the highest quality. They are so confident of this product, that they feed it to their own pets. Employees have said that Beneful takes no short cuts in the making of the food, and that it meets the highest dog food standards. Also, dogs love it. Beneful has served over 15 million dogs over 1.5 billion meals in 2014 alone. The employees at Beneful are proud of their product. They want people to know that it is truly of the highest quality. The employees are standing up for their company. That’s how this ad campaign got started, and it just took off from there. Nestle Purina Petcare wants to promote the bond between animals and pet owners, while providing safe, healthy, and tasty foods for animals. This campaign is featured on television advertisements and in digital and print ads as well. In the ads, employees are shown with their pets expressing their dogs’ love for the food. There was also a full page ad in the New York Times when the campaign first launched. The people at Beneful want everyone to know that their dog food is consistently of the highest quality, and it has always been some of the best dog food available on the market. This article is based on an article first written on PR Newswire. Find the original article copy here.

Successes Made at BMG Under the Stewardship of Ricardo Guimaraes

Many people rush to open bank accounts without putting a thought into choosing the right bank. You have to pay attention to the fee structures and interest rates before deciding the type of account to open and the choice of bank to work with. BMG bank, (Banco BMG) is the right bank for your financial security, saving, investing and convenience. BMG is among the leading banks in Brazil.
BMG bank is a financial institution privately owned by the Pentagna Guimareas family. Since 1930, the bank’s core business was consumer financing and wholesale funding. It was also a market leader in financing light and heavy vehicles in the 1980s. Since 1998, BMG’s focus has been providing payroll loans operations as a joint venture with Itau Unibanco. Currently, BMG enjoys 40% of the total and voting capital stock while Itau Unibanco holds 60%.
The financial segment consumer, the Getulio Vargas foundation, voted BMG eight times as the Best Financial Conglomerate. In addition, Austin Rating voted the bank, three times, as the Best bank in consumer Finance. This success is linked to the outstanding and skillful leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes, the chief executive officer and the president of BMG since 2004. His exemplary leadership skills date back in 1998 when he graduated with a degree in economics and business Administration from Una Faculdade de Ciencias. He started his career with the BMG group in 1980 and served as the chief executive officer from 1989. Ricardo Guimaraes has been the Director of BMG since April 2008. He also serves as a Member of the board of councilors of the bank.
Being aware of its conservative profile, BMG has developed strategies to maximize the available opportunities. BMG focuses on the growth of loan and credit portfolio for profitability and continuity of the business. The bank seeks to diversify its funding and has efficient corporate structure and management that focuses on cost control. It also uses individual talents for high performance teams.
With over 80 years in financial market, BMG is the leading bank in Brazil. It has a strict and conservative credit policy, which is constantly revised to ensure that it meets market conditions. Being one of the first financial institutions to offer payroll loans to the Brazilian Social Security System (INSS), BMG has developed an entrepreneurial and pioneering culture. BMG is able to quickly adjust to changing market conditions and has solid corporate governance practices in order to professionalize its management.

Healthcare Professionalism From Nobilis Health

In the course of someone’s life, it is often imperative for them to have access to health care that is right for their specific circumstances. An expectant mother needs to have access to health care that can help her be assured of access to skilled providers who will always be on her side and can help have a baby that is healthy after a successful pregnancy. Someone who confronts a diagnosis of an illness that may require temporary use of many forms of healthcare such as chemotherapy will also need to have access to health care that is ideal for their needs as they battle through the illness and come out healthy on the other side of it. The same is true of someone who faces a chronic illness of any kind and needs to have care on multiple occasions as they combat it during flair-ups. Those in the Dallas, Texas area have found that they can get access to ideal healthcare from Nobilis Health. Many people have found that this company is entirely devoted to the needs of their patients and offers them to chance to be able to be have access to high quality care that is also based on the latest in medical discoveries. Those who choose to work with this company will find that doing so enables them to work with a group of professionals who are fully devoted to all aspects of patient care. Nobilis Health will find that working closely with one of the many surgical centers that are managed by the company allows them to be able to be assured that they have done all that they can to get access to care that is sure to help them make their recovery easier and far less stressful as well as increase the possibility of their being able to recover as fast as possible. The patient who knows they can count on a team of professionals to help them recover is a patient who will be able to also think carefully about the kind of treatment that will best benefit them as they go about their daily lives and try to get resume a normal life as they get treatment. A skilled team can provide care for many patients and help them find out the best possible course of treatment for their highly specific illness. The right treatment is essential when they are thinking about the exact kind of treatment that may be necessary for them. Someone with a chronic illness in life may need to have a specific plan that helps them do all that they can during any period to move past the illness and focus on being able to fully function well even when they are not feeling their best. Many patients are delighted to realize that they can work closely with a team to help them discover exactly what modern medicine can do for their needs. They can work with people of all medical backgrounds to get access to ideal treatments.