Is the Venezuela Economy Really Going to Collapse?

The Huffington Post is asking the question – Why is Venezuela collapsing, and it is a very good one. There are speculations as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are saying that Venezuela is in the path of direct economic ruin. There are no words that can define what the people of the country are feeling about this news.
Several commentaries have been added that say that part of the reason is their moral decline, but this is always the scapegoat idea. The economic structure cannot be ignored as a leading reason why there might be an uptick in things like murder. However, the falling oil prices have to be considered as a great reason, especially when they are way to low for an economy that was built on the revenues generated from much higher oil prices.

According to Open Corporates 95% of the economy is dependent on oil revenues, so when that is low poverty is just around the corner for a lot of citizens who’s jobs depend on those revenues. One of the quickest tell-tell signs of Venezuela’s pending doom has to be the poverty rate increasing at an extraordinary pace. People are shown living on the streets in the many interviews being done.

“People are living on the streets and there is no where for them to go” says exper Jose Velasquez. They are hungry and there is no money to buy food. They are fed up, so they take to the streets in protest.



The easy and effective approach while creating Wikipedia page


Wikipedia has surged to become one of the most reliable sources of background information, thus making the appeal for marketers to get their business and brand listed on the website irresistible. Having Wikipedia page for your business, personal brand, or your organization can reap many benefits that includes a level of prestige, credibility, and authenticity. Customers often research companies to make their verification of existence before they purchase. A Wikipedia page convinces them of business legitimacy.


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However, it worth mentioning that many companies and individuals attempt to create a Wikipedia by themselves and they end up being frustrated. Their Wikipedia articles end up being deleted within minutes, and this is because there are hundreds of guidelines that must be followed while creating a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia does not allow promotional or biased content. The article must meet notability standards, and it must follow special rules when writing biographies. Deletion of an article on Wikipedia is a significant factor if an article is deleted concerning a particular subject such as your business it affects its chances the second time it is uploaded.


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According to an article published on , digital-age ventures such as Wikipedia and Reddit have decentralized power and freedom of creating and disseminating information. As a result, undesirable information may crop up on your Wikipedia page. Considering that it is an open source community, any article can be edited by anyone. The first and best option in responding to negative information is through forging ties with Wikipedia editors such as Get Your Wiki. They correct false information, monitor and vet any edit on your page in real time, and add compelling content.

Wen by Chaz products will give your hair extra shine and softness

Die-hard hair care fanatic, Emily McClure, shares her experience (as seen on with the WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Condition in Bustle. Wen by Chaz Dean is a haircare line that takes hair cleansing to another level; their products clean even the harsh sulfates that are present in some shampoos. It was created by Chaz Dean, a humble-hearted hair designer in Los Angeles, who has dedicated his career to hair care and creating products. He moved to Hollywood where he renamed it to Chaz Dean Studio and often has high scale clients. He soon created this Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioners, which is dedicated to deep clean and hydrate the hair. Wen products have five products in one, replacing shampoos and conditioners that you can use on a daily basis. Wen by Chaz contains a blend of ingredients, most of them are natural herbs and extracts without the use of sulfates; this way the costumers’ hair will feel clean and moisturized.

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The CCMP Capital Success Story

Every business goes through cycles of growth and decline. CCMP Capital is a great example of a business that has done well in many different economic environments. Over the past couple of years, the company has invested heavily in its people and customers.

This is something that many people love about CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was a great visionary leader for the company. During his time, the company expanded rapidly. He was able to take CCMP Capital to new places in regards to sales and profits. Looking at the amazing job that he did with the company, it is no wonder that so many people were upset when they learned he died.

Stephen Murray

There are few leaders in the world of business today with the successful track record of Stephen Murray. Over the past couple of years, he has really transformed the company to one of the best in the business. This is an accomplishment that everyone should respect.

Not only was he building up a small company, but he was doing so during a time when a lot of companies go out of business. Anyone who is working to start up a business should study how he was able to have so much success during his time. Read more: West Village Townhouse for $17 Million

CCMP Capital

Investment banks generally have a bad rap for not caring about customers. However, there are a lot of things that people can do in order to help themselves with their investing. Banks and financial companies today have more competition than ever before through the internet. This is why it is so important for companies to care about the customers first. Anyone who is looking for help in this area needs to realize that the world is changing. Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was able to see this long before many other people did, and that is why the company was so successful during his time. Although he is now gone, the legacy that he left at CCMP Capital is one that carries on to this day.

Future Planning

CCMP Capital must continue to plan wisely in order to accelerate growth. There are some people who are worried about the fact that CCMP is not growing as fast as when Stephen Murray was here.

All companies go through phases of growth and decline. The culture left behind by Stephen Murray should be more than enough to sustain the business over the long term.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

High Hopes In White Shark Media New Marketing Technique For My Company

My company is an e-commerce business that specializes in handmade apparel and jewelry. We have had some great success in our local market because of the trade shows that we visit, and our shop is conveniently located that we are able to actually do a lot of business with the amount of walk-ins that appear on a daily basis. I am thankful that we picked a great location for our storefront. However, I really want to expand our company’s outreach, and I want to concentrate more on the e-commerce portion of our sales because that was our initial intent. We decided to start working with a brilliant Adwords management company that seems to have already helped other businesses find their niche in online sales.

Finding Our Niche In Online Sales

We found out about this company after doing some research on online marketing strategies. In fact, we have an employee who has the job of researching and developing marketing plans just to reach new customers. They found White Shark Media Complaints and brought the company to my attention. After careful consideration, we decided to go into business with this company. White Shark Media’s reviews and testimonials on their website were one of the main factors that helped sway my opinion on whether or not to work with them. We found this review on their website. This review is from an e-commerce company. In the review, the author notes how greatly their business has changed after working with White Shark Media. Apparently, they had been working with White Shark Media for only six months before they started noticing an increase in their sales. The author of this review claims that White Shark Media’s experts were able to help the company increase their sales by 30 percent.

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Venezuela Shipping in Crisis

As Venezuela continues to head towards the brink of an economic meltdown, it has also caused uncertainty in the international shipping markets. As reported in an article by Reuters, various government agencies in Venezuela have accumulated almost $1 billion in debt owed to shipping firms for their failure to return a slew of shipping containers timely. While the state agencies were not bothering to return the shipping containers, they were racking up a remarkable debt just by sitting in storage each day.
This situation could have even more damaging effects in the immediate future according to a statement by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. As Venezuela depends on imports for its essential food production, importing those products could become less reliable. For now, the shipping industry has responded to the uncertainty in Venezuela by accepting government bonds or raising its prices to compensate for the associated risks with shipping to Venezuela. However Velasquez Figueroa thinks that this agreement may not last forever. The entire economy of Venezuela is on the edge of disaster with mismanaged credit markets, exchange rates and a mounting national debt. If the country is not able to import the products that it is not prepared to make within its own borders, the entire population will suffer. President Maduro says he is working to correct the situation and blames the majority of the economic turmoil on his political adversaries, saying they will stop at nothing in their power to destroy him.

Venezuela Announces Blackouts For Energy Conservation

In an effort to save energy, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s government made an announcement Thursday alerting it’s people that electricity would be cut off for 4 hours a day for 40 days as reported by DateAs. The electricity rationing will begin April 25th in all 10 of Venezuela’s states, including the country’s capital.

The cuts became a necessary solution in order to reduce the country’s electricity consumption while the country waits for rain to power the El Guri turbines located in the giant hydroelectric dam. El Guri is responsible for providing the country with more than half the country, and without rain, cannot produce enough power.
The electricity rationing comes at a time where the government has tried numerous solutions to cut back on the amount of power the country is consuming. The president has even extended holidays for state employees and created 3 day weekends. Shopping centers will be closing early, and a time change is coming to the country soon. By moving the clocks ahead just half an hour, there will be more daylight available during the workday, allowing businesses to use less electricity.
The blackouts are just another hardship the country is going through says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Food shortages, an economy that is crumbling due to the low oil prices, and crime are taking a toll on Venezuela. Rolling blackouts have already been happening and have caused further damage to the already failing economy due to factories and offices remaining closed.
Citizens are scared, worried that food will go bad due to lack of power and refrigeration as well as a fear that they blackouts will last longer than the 4 hours they have been informed of.
The government blames the new electricity conservation measures on the current drought. In order for the El Guri turbines to work, water levels must be at 240 meters above sea level or more. Currently, water levels are at 242.7 meters above sea levels, dangerously close to being below the mark required to power the turbines.
Still Adrian Jose thinks citizens are unhappy and blame the government. They feel it is both a lack of maintenance as well as lack of government investment that has led to this point.
Information obtained from

Students Strenghten Wikipedia From Sydney

There is smart, and then there is really smart. There is efficacious, and then there is wildly efficacious! Enough with the hyperbole, but it can hardly be helped after learning of how the University of Sydney is requiring their students to make a Wiki page to better the site, and in doing so, they are strengthening this resource that many academics consider to be less-than-scholarly. In fact, many professors will declare Wikipedia to not be a reliable source for research. It is, therefore, absolutely enthralling that professors are basically inadvertently strengthening Wikipedia by using their pages for exams for students. The student is responsible for making sure the information is correct, in effect becoming novice Wikipedia editors, the professor looks it over for accuracy, and then everyone in the world benefits! This is truly a very astute use of time and resources while also shaping young minds, and benefiting just about the entire world population in doing so. 

Another important point here is we are all starting to realize the internet is one humongous time-capsule, and everything we put out there will long outlive us. For this reason, students are making more efforts to make sure the information is correct, lest they both get a bad grade, and perhaps worse, be remembered, in perpetuity, as the person “who got it wrong.” Furthermore, what precipitated this development at the University of Sydney was the enormous amount of uncollected research papers and essays as the students were seemingly disinterested in seeing their professors feedback.

One professor has said they (the professors) did not want to keep making remarks, and trying to teach students who otherwise were just not interested. Part of it might be that students don’t take well to hand-written information anymore, and it also might be that they are only interested in receiving their grade. By learning how to create a Wikipedia page in such a way seems to have galvanized students who now see their work as being exposed to an audience of greater than one. In this there is a responsibility that exists, and there is also additional feedback they are receiving from Wikipedia editors for hire.

If you would like Wikipedia business page creation done for your  brand or business you should look into a reputable Wikipedia writing company such as Get Your Wiki. This service provides a monitoring service in addition to their page creation services and will help update a Wikipedia page any time there is inaccurate information represented or there is out of date information on the page. Hire a Wikipedia writer from the service Get Your Wiki to help you make Wikipedia edits to your current page or make a new page for you. 

It will likely take lifetimes to make Wikipedia a reliable resource for information, and perhaps it will remain a work-in-progress for many moons to come, but this is a step in the right direction. If more universities follow suit, perhaps Wikipedia will eventually have a better reputation for being a reliable source of information, and not just a place we all go to gather information, dubious as it might be. Hopefully more universities will follow suit.

Dick DeVos And His Wins At The Lauderdale Yacht Club

Today’s final two races completed the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup as well as the Melges 32 Blue Water, a three event hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club. As the winds approached 15 knots, my Volpe team of tactician Scott Nixon, Mark Mendelblatt, Sam Rogers, Peter Kinney, Drew Weirda, Erika Reineke, Mike Hiil and I posted two deuces to win. This was in both the series and the final event. I had such a great team on the boat that made me enjoy the sailing experience. We had a fantastic weekend and everything turned out well. There were great teams out there that we had to give credit to including Team Delta and Team Hydra. From the event, I feel fortunate and look forward to sail more this year in Newport. This is because Newport offers the best place to sail in the summer. One highlight of the event was Team Hydra’s performance. I am proud of the kids including their coach, Marty Kullman. The kids keep on getting better with time, a factor that even coach Kullman noted.

Additionally, they are the 2016 Corinthian champions of the Lauderdale Cup. Many teams are gearing up for the top events this year. These events include the Nationals on August 19-21 and the Worlds to be held between September 29 and October 2. With each team improving in terms of competitiveness, it is going to be a great event and I cannot wait for the event to commence. This information was originally reported on Yachts and Yachting.

In Dick’s business career, he has served in executive positions in leading firms such as Orlando Magic, the NBA franchise, Amway and the Windquest Group where DeVos serves as the current president. The will to succeed does not only apply in sport but every aspect of an individual’s life. He served Amway between 1993 and 2002. In those years, I was responsible for all aspects of the firm’s operations in fifty countries across six continents. In my final financial year of service, the company recorded sales of $4.5 billion. Before that, as the vice president, Dick DeVos played a pivotal role in facilitating Amway International to open new markets that resulted in increased sales that for the first time outperformed the domestic markets. This information was originally reported on Dick DeVos website.

Dick DeVos also serves as the president of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. They established the Grand Rapids area foundation in 1989. Since 1990, the foundation has given thousands of dollars to artistic, civic, educational, religious, community as well as free market economic organizations. Some of its guarantees include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, Calvin College, Davenport University and the American Education Reform Council. This information was published on Wikipedia as shown in the link below

New New Brunswick Devco Questions Raised in Unpaid $20 Million CRDA loan

A total of $ 1 million payment which was owed to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has been missed by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The authority had borrowed approximately, $ 20 million which was meant to develop the Heldrich Hotel back in 2005. The improvement authority is confident that it will be able to repay the loan fully within the next few years.

New Brunswick Development Corporation or Devco, a nonprofit corporation which develops huge projects in the New Brunswick Count was responsible for spearheading the project. The corporation is currently a model for the Atlantic City Development Corp. Lawyer Christopher Paladino heads the two corporations. The lawyer is popularly known for arranging for loaning of the Heldrich Hotel back in 2005 on

The Heldrich Hotel was opened back in 2007 and had a room capacity of 235. Despite the hotels’ low start, it quickly picked up and more hotel and room bookings were recorded. 63.6 % occupancy rate was registered in 2015. Ever since the hotel was opened, Devco on pressofatlanticcity has always been engaged in the Heldrich project with the main aim of converting the hotel into a financial success in the new future.

The bond holders worth $30 million have already been paid up to
date. The next phase of payment is currently underway.

Currently, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority is busy preparing a sum of $120 million bonds issue that will be tasked with financing the satellite campus and Gateway project for the Stockton University. The article was first written on Press of Atlantic City.

About Devco
DEVCO construction Ltd was started back in 1968. It was owned and operated only by the family. During the first 20 years, Devco concentrated on the residential market. The company developed to become one of the leading home building firms in the region. Devco continues coming up with homes in the local area.

Devco achieves its mission through construction of mixed used projects which aims at critical mass. Devco has also managed to achieve an extraordinary success in setting up a tempo and reclaiming the urban lifestyle quality.