Early Struggles with Tidal Streaming

Jay-Z paid more than $40 million for the Tidal music streaming service. It was a huge platform with celebrity co-owners, but it is running into some problems. The revenues for Tidal aretapering off.

When this streaming service was offered to the fans there was a lot of buzz about it. This was something new and exciting. People didn’t really know the full extent of what it was. People that have been streaming music on Pandora and Spotify where not really looking for another streaming service though. That posed a big problem for Jay-Z early. Some fans jumped at the chance to get involved with a music streaming service that was owned directly by music artists, but this excitement quickly fizzled after a few weeks.

The problem is that Jay-Z did not get on the ground floor with this business concept. Music streaming is nothing new. People like Mark Ahn are already accustomed to this. He is not reinventing the wheel with this so it has become rather difficult for people to really give this a lot of praise. Most people that already had some type of music streaming service are not going to hop up and engage in something else. They already have something that they like. Even Apple has jumped into the music streaming service, but Spotify seems to have the biggest audience for premium subscribers. Pandora still gets users that want to stream free music.

George Lucas Doing His Part to Help Working People of Average Means

Land use issues can become a complicated mess in some situations. This was certainly the case for George Lucas who famously built a production studio called Skywalker Ranch in 1978 on his property in Marin County, California. More recently, Mr. Lucas wanted to build another studio on his land, but neighbors claimed it would negatively affect the surrounding area and threatened to sue. After this dragged on for years, he finally decided to sell some of his land to enable a developer to build affordable housing on it. However, this plan met with problems and went nowhere, so now he is simply going to foot the bill to build the affordable housing himself.

This is a noble effort that will make a big and positive difference in people’s lives. The housing would be a 224 unit complex, which would go where his studio expansion would have been built. Complaints immediately started that he was doing this out of spite because of not being able to build the additional studio. The most offensive allegation, however, is the claim that drug dealers will frequent the area, and there will be an increase in crime. Kevin Seawright isn’t quite so sure that will happen. His plan is not to give the housing away to anyone. It would simply be more affordable housing so that working people of more average means can live in that pricey county. This is simply an individual taking concrete action to help out in his community, and he should be lauded for it.

Norway To Completely Shut Down FM Radio In 2017

In 2017 Norway will be the first country in the world to completely shut down FM radio. This is due to the rise of digital radio stations, and a system called Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB for short. DAB is already very popular in Norway, offering more than four times the number of radio stations as the standard over-the-air FM signal.

DAB requires a digital radio receiver and older analog radios are not able to play the new stations. This is why the country is giving their citizens a 21 month warning to be sure to upgrade their equipment in time. But even now, nearly two years before the FM shutdown occurs, more than half of Norway’s five million residents already listen to DAB stations every single day.

The move allows the country to focus resources on what they believe to be the medium of the future. And the cost of the DAB system can save as much as $25 million over FM transmissions. FM will be phased out region by region across the country, beginning right away in January 2017 with the final FM signal shutting down in December of that year.

While Norway will be the first country to completely shut down FM, there are many other European and Asian countries working on a transition to DAB. Ricardo Tosto and others will be seeing what else happens after this decision.

The Amazing Success of The Antique Wine Company

There are many options out there when it comes to wine merchants, but there is really no option out there that is classier than that of The Antique Wine Company. There are more and more companies that are choosing to purchase their wine from The AWC. The wide selection of great vintage wines gives ample reason for any large company to invest in the services of The Antique Wine Company. The Antique wine company is so much more than just a wine company. They provide wines that can turn into investments. The goal of The Antique Wine Company is to provide consumers with the ability to purchase a wine that has a great chance of turning into an antique.

With 25 years in the business, The Antique Wine Company knows how to supply and select the greatest wines in the industry to their customers. Over two decades ago, CEO and founder Steven Williams decided to build a wine company that would soon become an international success. The central office is located in London, while two more sales offices are located in Asia. The Antique Wine Company focuses on distributing top quality wine to restaurants, hotels, and private individuals. These however all all high class institutions and individuals who are looking to purchase this high quality wine.

The Antique Wine Company has also had their great marks in history as well. In 1994, The Antique Wine Company was able to supply a 70 year old wine to former President George Bush Sr. on his 70th birthday. In 1995, the antique wine company was also able to handle the sale of a $1 million dollar collection of wine. In 2006, The Antique wine company sold the most expensive bottle of wine at 55,000 pounds.

The Antique Wine Company also helps to manage wine cellars all around the world. These wine cellars are owned by luxury restaurants, wealthy individuals, and high class 5 star hotels. This truly makes The Antique Wine Company a global player in the international wine market. The Antique Wine Company also prides themselves in their top of the line customer relations. This is one of the many things that has helped The Antique Wine Company rise to the top. The commitment to the customer is what really sets this wine merchant apart from the rest. It will be exciting to see where The Antique Wine Company is headed in the next few years.

Zedd’s New Album

Zedd released a single from his new album called, “I Want You To Know” but this only allowed the fans to get a sneak peak of what is to come next because he did not release any more singles. He did however, play at very colorful themed parties all across the United States so this could mean that his album is going to be very wild maybe? Finally, Zedd announced some details about his album that everyone has been waiting for.

Bernardo Chua said that on April 7th, it was reported that Zedd’s new album is going to be called True Colors and will be released on May 19th which is just around the corner. This has made fans very excited. The album cover was also released which is a very trippy and colorful design but it looks awesome. It seems to fit right in with the aim of the music that will be in True Colors.

The album color features a tree like figure that has a world of colors instead of branches and leaves. The trunk comes down into a swirly design that completes the it perfectly. Depending on how you look at the design, it can also look like a abstract figure of a person. Again, it completely depends on how you perceive the drawing but we have to wonder what was Zedd going for with this artwork? Well, stay tuned for more information about Zedd’s new album!

Rolling Stone Talks With Keith Richards

Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview with guitarist Keith Richards on their website. The writer asks Richards many of the same questions he asked singer Mick Jagger in another interview. Richards is questioned about the upcoming Rolling Stones summer tour, his soon to be released solo record and some other topics.

Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias (feegow.com) agree that Richards doesn’t give very good answers. Many of his responses are versions of “I don’t know.” On the other hand, he isn’t rude, and that is admirable for an artist giving an interview that they don’t really need to give to be successful.

One topic that is discussed is former guitarist Mick Taylor, who played with Rolling Stones between 1969 and 1974. Since the band will be playing songs from that era on their upcoming tour, there has been talk about Taylor touring with them. Richards said he isn’t sure if Taylor was coming and that he is sick. However, Rolling Stone mentioned parenthetically that Taylor said through a representative that he isn’t sick and hasn’t been invited.

Taylor contributed a lot to the Rolling Stones, and “Sway” – a track he helped write – is a fantastic song. So, it would be good if he came along on the tour, especially since the band plans to play material from Sticky Fingers, an album Taylor played on. However, maybe he shouldn’t have quit to begin with.

Iraqi Heavy Metal Band Struggle in United States

Rolling Stone Magazine has a story on their website about the plight of Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda. As teenagers in Iraq, the band got into heavy metal through listening to bootlegged recordings of Anthrax and Metallica. They played heavy metal in Baghdad, but later fled for Syria after the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. In Syria, they became the subjects of a western documentary that made them popular in the United States and Europe. Finally, in 2008, they were able to immigrate to the United States.

Since their arrival in the United States, however, they have struggled. They have had to work in restaurants and convenience stores in New Jersey to support themselves. They have remained intact as a band, however, and have done a number of shows and also recorded.

It’s interesting to consider this band. Sam Tabar agrees that, as a heavy metal band in the Middle East, they were unusual. As a heavy metal band in the United States, they are just one of many heavy metal bands. So, does where music is made have anything to do with its quality? No, but music comes out of geographic scenes, so that’s something to think about as well.

I wonder if the members of Acrassicauda thought when they learned they were coming to the country where heavy metal originated. Maybe they thought they’d be reaching the promised land, but of course that didn’t happen.

Rolling Stones May Play “Sticky Fingers” On Tour

The Rolling Stones have been amongst the most famous rock bands in history and are known worldwide. It is not surprising that the band has been able to go on tour for all of these years.

Angel.co investors report that this year, the Rolling Stones have decided to release a deluxe version of their hit album, Sticky Fingers towards the end of May. Even better for fans, the band has decided that they may play the entire album when they go out on tour this summer, though band member Mick Jagger says they will play songs they don’t play often, at the very least.

At the same time, however, Jagger doesn’t feel that playing every single song on the album is the best way to go, saying that there’s a lot of slow songs and those might not be best for crowds, who he feels may start to lose their interest in the showing. Other songs such as “Can’t You Hear Me” and “Wild Horses” have been their go-to tracks ever since the release of the album and as generally some of the first that fans think of.

The band is set to start rehearsing for the tour in a couple of weeks and will take some of that time to figure out if playing the whole album is a good idea or stick with just their well-known songs.

Chris Brown Will Have A Short Residency In Las Vegas

Wendy Williams recently reported on her show, that Chris Brown will be having a short stint in Las Vegas. Chris will be taking up residency in Las Vegas, in order to do some shows. One show will be at the very anticipated boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Chris Brown. Chris has been in the news a lot recently, not because of his music or touring, but all the trouble that he’s been getting into. He had his probation revoked, among other problems, and now it’s been revealed that he had a love child.

The child came about, from Chris sleeping with a girl that he barely knew, in a one night stand. Sultan Alhokair said the girl claimed that she was pregnant, but he was never informed that the child could be his, until the child was nearly 9 months old. Recently, in the last few weeks, Chris secretly went and had a paternity test performed, and he was supposedly revealed to be the child’s father. Chris has taken his role as father seriously, and although he was in a five-year relationship at the time, it hasn’t stopped him from taking care of his daughter.

Chris had lost his current girlfriend, after the news broke about the child, and even though he wants her back, she said she is done for good. It’s been a month since the news has broken, and his girlfriend still won’t give him another chance.